Lip lift

The lips are one of the first areas in the face where loss of volume becomes clearly visible. The distance between the nose and the upper lip increases as we get older. If this is the case, a surgical lip lift may be the best solution.

With a lip lift, the distance between the nose and the upper lip is shortened. A lip lift is also called a butterfly lift. A lip lift is an option when fillers cannot be used, or if they are not desired. A surgical lip lift is however only possible if there is enough space between the nose and upper lip.

The treatment

The treatment takes places under local anaesthetics. The area from the upper lip up to below the nose is sedated, meaning that the treatment is pain free. The surgeon makes a small cut under the nose and takes away a small strip of skin (in the shape of a butterfly). This causes the upper lip to become more visible, and sometimes also a part of the upper teeth - for example when talking or smiling. The treatment is not experienced as painful, and generally does not come with after pains.

After the treatment

Please take into account that for 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment you will have a small wound (along with stitches) under the nose. After the treatment, this will be covered with skin-colored band-aids, with which you can shower.

After about 1 week the stitches will be removed. The day after the surgery you’re allowed to do everything, except for contact sports or going to the swimming pool or sauna during the first 2 weeks. The scar can be red and/or swollen for up to 3 months after the treatment. This redness and swelling will fade gradually.

As soon as the stitches have been removed you need to rub the scar with the vaseline we have given you, in order to keep the scar supple and soft.


Lip lift € 2100,-

The exact treatment is customized during the intake with the surgeon. For a consultation with the surgeon we charge € 75,-.

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