Though not an everyday subject, quite a few women are troubled by the shape or size of the (inner) labia. 

Most often the labia are too large by nature, although sometimes the cause can also be pregnancy. Many women are hindered by this during sports, cycling, horseback riding or the wearing of tight clothing. Labiaplasty, the reduction of the inner labia, is the sollution to these issues. 


The treatment takes place under local anaesthetics. The excessive tissue is removed and as such the inner labia will be reduced in size. The labia will keep a natural appearance. The wounds will be stitched with soluble sutures and the scars will be almost invisbible. 


After the treatment the labia area will be somewhat swollen. This swelling will remain for some days. Coldpacks will help to reduce the swelling. We advise to not cycle or wear tight pants for the first two weeks. 


It will take at least 8 weeks before the final result is visible. 


Labiaplasty costs € 1790,-

During the first consultation our surgeon will assess and discuss whether labiaplasty is the right option for you. For a consultation with our surgeon we charge € 75,-. 

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