During a PRP treatment we take a high concentration of growth factors from your own blood in order to improve the skin and/or hair quality. 

Platelet Rich Plasma contains a high concentration of growth factors. This plasma plays an important part in the recovery and rejuvenation of the skin and hairs. Growth factors from your own blood have been used for years in orthopedics and dental medicine in order to enhance the healing process. This technique is now available for the improvement of skin and hairs. In the cosmetic field this treatment is also known as the 'vampire lift'.


Firstly a small amount of blood is taken. This blood is processed in a system specially designed to extract the PRP in a safe and clinical fashion. During this process the growth factors (PRP) are separated from the rest of the blood. With the obtained PRP we can then improve the quality of the skin and/or hairs through natural and endogenous agents.

PRP & Hair loss

PRP is bijzonder geschikt om de kwaliteit van dun haar te verbeteren. De groeifactoren in PRP verstevigen en verdikken namelijk de bestaande haren. PRP zorgt ook voor een betere doorbloeding waardoor haaruitval wordt tegengegaan.

Platelet Rich Plasma is extremely well-suited for the improvement of hair quality. The growth factors in the PRP strengthen and thicken existing hairs. PRP also stimulates the local blood stream and thus counteracts hair loss.

PRP & Skin rejuvenation

PRP can also be used in combination with skin rejuvenating fractional therapy. Fractional therapy creates ultra-fine puncture patterns in the skin in a controlled fashion. As such the skin is forced to regenerate and rejuvenate. Fractional therapy stimulates collagen production, which in turn fades irregularities and refreshens and strengthens the skin. By applying the growth factors in PRP during this treatment we can boost the healing process and production of collagen even further.


The improvement of the skin and/or hairs will have optimal results if the treatment is repeated a couple of times. For the first year we recommend 3 to 4 treatments. After the first year 1 maintenance treatment per year will suffice.


PRP Hair Improvement: € 595,-

PRP Hair Improvement 3x within 2 months: € 1495,-

PRP with full face fractional treatment: € 595,-

During the first consultation with one of our specialists it is possible to enquire into the possibilities of a personalized PRP treatment. A consultation costs € 35,-.

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