About us

The Medisch Laser Centrum was founded over 30 years ago by Leo van Rozelaar, cosmetic doctor and phlebologist, to offer highly desired and specialised cosmetic treatments.

Our experience

More than 30 years ago the clinic was the first in the Benelux capable of removing tattoos with lasers. Whereas before tattoos had to be removed through surgery, at the time we could offer a very unique solution - to slowly fade away the tattoo’s ink with the help of our lasers. The treatment of varicose veins on the legs - phlebology - was also very popular in the early days.

Our mission is to deliver high quality cosmetic treatments in a safe and trusted environment. Personalized treatments, innovation, and the privacy of our clients’ are important factors within this mission.

Throughout the years the clinic has grown to a centre where our clients can find almost everything related to anti-aging. We improve and rejuvenate the skin with our lasers and IPL, we soften wrinkles and volume loss with Botox® and fillers, and we conduct highly specialised plastic surgery.

The family

While the clinic started as a family business, it has since grown to something much more than that. Up to this day however we have always carried the same familiar care for each other as a team and for our clients. To us, the clients in our clinic are much more than just customers who come and go. With each client we build a relationship, which makes the achievement of optimal results a personal must.

Our team exists of a collection of highly experienced and skilled specialists, doctors, and plastic surgeons. All of them gain the most satisfaction out of high quality, safe treatments with personal aftercare and optimal results.


Leo van Rozelaar



Leonie Schelke



Tom decates



Tanja Roetman

Skin treatments


Claire Oosterbaan

Skin treatments


Naomi Kaihatu

Skin treatments


Hay Winters

Plastic Surgery


David Krijgh

Plastic Surgery

Our treat­ments

Over the years we have specialised in a variety of cosmetic treatments. We can improve the quality of the skin with our laser and light therapies, rejuvenate the face with injectables, and enhance the appearance through highly specialised plastic surgery.


With Botox® and fillers we soften wrinkles and give volume back to the face.

Skin treatments

Couperose, rosacea, pigmentation spots, excessive hair growth, scars, tattoos or aged skin - we treat it all with our specialised skin treatments.




Throughout the years we have encountered many skin care products and have selected those few that have proven their effectiveness and worth. Therefore most products we use directly after our treatments are also for sale.

In our clinic we sell the following products:

  • Medik8 skin care
  • Oxygenetix healing foundation
  • Brush On Block mineral sunblock
  • Dr. Eckstein sun block and bronzer
  • Alhydran medical creams