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Botox® and fillers are so-called injectables - they are injected in the skin with a needle. We mostly use injectables to soften wrinkles and bring volume to certain locations of the face.

Skin treatments

We conduct several specialised treatments that improve and rejuvenate the skin, such as IPL, Fractional Needling & Laser, Radiofrequency, LED Therapy and Peelings. Apart from skin rejuvenation we also offer the best solution for removing tattoos, unwanted hair growth, pigmentation spots, couperose, rosacea, acne, and scars.

Skin rejuvenation

We can significantly improve and rejuvenate the skin with our skin treatments. Our specialists use the latest IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) method, Radiofrequency, Fractional Needling & Laser, LED Therapy, and several peelings. The skin rejuvenates, the pores refine and the skin refreshes and thickens.


Pigmentation spots in for example the face, neck or decolleté can be considerably reduced with our IPL and laser method. Our treatment does not only fade the pigmentation but also improves the skin quality significantly.

Couperose & Rosacea

Redness in the face, neck or decolleté can be considerably reduced with our IPL and laser method. Our treatments do not only fade the redness of the couperose but also reduce the inflammation in the case of rosacea.

Hair removal

Unwanted hair growth can present itself and be removed everywhere on the body and face. The Ellipse IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) offers by far the best and most long-term results in the field of hair removal.

Tattoo removal

At the Medisch Laser Centrum we were the first in the Benelux capable of removing tattoos with lasers, over 25 years ago. With more than 25 years of experience the removal of tattoos has been optimised within our clinic.


Acne is a common skin condition and can be significantly reduced with our IPL, laser and fractional method. Our treatment inhibits the production of sebum and bacteria in the skin. As a reaction to this treatment the pores refine, the production of collagen is stimulated and we see a considerable improvement of acne scars.


Scars can be visible in the skin as pigmentation spots and irregularities such as elevations or recesses. Both the discolourations and irregularities can be significantly improved with our skin treatments.

Fungal nails

Fungal nails can be treated well with our laser and light methods.

Blue veins

Blue veins on for example the legs, hands, or the face can be treated well with our laser method.