Blue veins

Blue veins on for example the legs, hands, or the face can be treated well with our laser method.


First a consultation with the laser specialist is necessary, in order to assess whether you can be treated with our laser. It may be possible that your blue veins can only be treated with phlebology. 

Customized treatment

During the consultation the specialist inspects your skin and the blue veins. Because every type of skin and every blue vein is different, we need to customize each treatment for optimal results. The exact price and the number of treatments required therefore also differ for each person.

During a personal intake you will receive honest advice about the best possibilities to treat your blue veins.

For an intake we charge € 35,-. In most cases we can plan an intake with a treatment directly after, if so desired and requested in advance.


It is important that the skin is as light as possible. Therefore you need to avoid sun tanning and tanning beds during the 2 weeks before the treatment. The use of any tanning cream (bronzer) also needs to be avoided in this period.


Blue veins can be treated well with our Ellipse Nd: YAG laser, combined with our vascular laser. The energy of the Ellipse and laser causes the blue veins to locally shrink. This causes the blue veins to locally fade or disappear completely. Our laser specialists use the latest Ellipse for this treatment: the Ellipse Nordlys.

Number of treatments

Usually a considerable improvement can be noted after 2 treatments already. However, for optimal results generally 3 to 5 treatments are required, depending on the width and thickness of the blue veins.

For optimal results, multiple treatments are necessary.

Over 25 years of experience

It is important that blue veins are treated by a skilled specialist in order to safely achieve optimal results. We have over 25 years of experience with this treatment and thus have treated a wide variety of skin and veins. As such our laser specialists are more than qualified to customize and perform the most effective treatment.


After the treatment the following practical matters apply:

  • The next day some oedema may appear at the treated areas. This swelling usually disappears within 3 to 7 days.
  • With the treatment of blue veins on the face you may experience headaches during the first days after the treatment. You may use paracetamol for this if desired.
  • No sun or tanning bed for at least 3 to 4 weeks. A proper sunscreen (factor 30 or higher) is advised at all times.
  • After treatment of blue veins on the legs, no sun or tanning beds for 8 weeks.
  • Please avoid sports or any other heavy exercise during the first 4 days: this will put too much pressure on the treated veins of the legs or face.


The treated veins shrink or disappear completely. The result generally shows after 4 to 8 weeks. For a treatment of blue veins on the legs the result usually takes more time to show.

The positive side effect of the treatment of blue veins is that the skin quality improves considerably. The skin rejuvenates and the skin texture refines.

With each treatment, the blue veins shrink and the quality of the skin improves.


Starting at € 75,-

The exact price and treatment are customized during the intake with the laser specialist. For a consultation we charge € 35,-. You always need to have a consultation with one of our laser specialists first, in order to assess whether your blue veins can be treated with our laser. 


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