Eyelid correction

Hanging eyelids and bags under the eyes can make you appear more weary and tired than you actually are. Today we can change this with an eyelid correction. An eyelid correction is a small, expert treatment with significantly alleviating results.

Tired appearance

As the years go by the skin above and under the eyes can slack. The upper eyelids can start hanging, making you look tired. The upper eyelids can even hang so far down that it becomes difficult to see.

It may also be that the lower eyelids slack, thus creating the so-called ‘bags’ under the eyes. These bags can also be caused by a local excess of fat under the skin.

Hanging eyelids and bags under the eyes are not always connected to old age. Some people are born with for example hanging eyelids, or with asymmetrical eyelids.

Our answer

With an eyelid correction we remove the excessive skin of the upper or lower eyelids. We can also correct (congenital) asymmetry. In the end the appearance becomes more rested and open.

A tired expression caused by hanging eyelids and bags under the eyes can be significantly reduced with an eyelid correction.


The first step is always an intake with our surgeon. During this consultation you will receive honest advice about the realistically achievable results. The exact method, your wishes and the possibilities are discussed.

Honest advice

The surgeon conducting the treatment will also lead the consultation. During the intake it is very important to take your wishes into account, but also the realistic possibilities to fulfill these wishes. If your eyelids are not suited for a correction, or if we can achieve more and better results if we wait some time this will always be advised. Our surgeons only start a treatment when they believe they can achieve good results.

For an intake with our surgeon we charge € 75,-.

We only perform an en-bloc facelift if we can achieve good results.


In case you decide to undergo an eyelid correction the following practical matters apply:

  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. Clothing that has to be taken off too tight over the head is also discouraged.
  • Please take into account that you cannot drive or bicycle home yourself.


An eyelid correction is a small, expert treatment, taking place under local anaesthetics.

Relaxed treatment

Before the treatment starts the area is firstly anesthetized with a few injections. The treatment itself is therefore as good as painless. In case you prefer you will also receive a pill to calm down.

Small & expert procedure

The excessive skin is removed with a small cut. For the upper eyelids this cut is made in the fold of the skin, causing the scar to be next to invisible. For the lower eyelids the cut is made along the line of the eyelashes of the lower eyelid. The wounds are sealed with a special skin glue. In the end the treatment leaves practically no traces behind.

Over 20 years of experience

It is important that the performance on every eyelid correction is high in order to safely achieve optimal results. Our surgeons have more than 20 years of experience in the field and thus have treated a wide variety of eyelids and skin.

An eyelid correction is in fact a small yet expert procedure. The results can be significantly alleviating.

After care

After an eyelid correction the following matters apply:

  • The face and area around the eyes contain a lot of blood vessels. This means that the eyes can show edema (swelling) and discolourations (bruises). The swelling and bruises usually disappear within 1 week.
  • The wounds are sealed with a special skin glue. It is important that you do not touch the glue; it will disappear by itself after 7 to 10 days.
  • No sports, sauna, steam baths or swimming pools for the first 2 weeks.
  • The corrected eyelids may be numb for some time. This recovers with time.
  • The scars can be red for the first weeks after the treatment. The redness always disappears, but the duration before that happens differs per person.


The excessive skin is removed through a small cut, causing the upper eyelids to be lifted and the bags under the eyes to be tightened. For the upper eyelids these cuts are made in the natural skin folds. For the lower eyelids these cuts are made along the line of the eyelashes. As such the scars will be hardly visible.

In the end the treatment should leave no traces behind - apart from an open, well-rested appearance.

Our service

After an eyelid correction we offer, if necessary, 2 IPL treatments as our service. These treatments have a positive effect on the healing of the skin.


Upper Eyelid Correction € 1250,-
Lower Eyelid Correction Starting at € 2350,-

The exact treatment is customized during the intake with the surgeon. For a consultation with the surgeon we charge € 75,-.

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