Behandeling tegen haarverlies

Hair transplant

Hair loss and baldness differ per person. Young or old, a little bald or very bald, man or woman - all combinations occur. As such, for the most optimal and natural results each person requires a customized, personal treatment.

Our hair specialists have over 16 years of experience with the treatment of thinning hair and baldness through hair transplants. With our technique we transplant individual hairs one by one (FUE method). We are proud to be able to say that amongst others John Heitinga and Ronald & Frank de Boer have successfully undergone a hair transplant in our clinic.

"If I had known how easy it is, I would have done it much sooner."
- Ronald de Boer

Hair loss and baldness

Hair loss occurs in a few different forms and can have several causes. The most common form with both women and men is alopecia androgenetica, or genetic hair loss.

This form of hair loss in men is determined by the genes. The hairs on the head are programmed in such a way that they are weak to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone. This hormone causes hair follicles to shrink, and in turn causes the hairs to stop growing. However, the back of the head, from ear to ear, consists of hairs that are immune to this hormone.

The hairs on the back of the head are mostly kept for life. These are the hairs we use for our treatment.

As such with genetic hair loss we first see a receding frontal hairline at both temples. Fast forward and the hair loss can also continue at the crown of the head. If the hair loss continues even further only the hair at the back of the head remains - the hairs that are not susceptible for dihydrotestosterone.

As such this is the donor area from which we take individual hairs, because these hairs are kept for life. Not every man suffers from baldness to the same extent however - some only become bald at the front of the head or the crown.

With women suffering from alopecia androgenetica we usually see an overall thinning of the hair across the entire head. The cause in women is unknown up to today.

Baldness and hair loss can also be caused by certain medication, chemotherapy, stress or scarring of the skin. In all cases we first have to determine the cause and future course of the hair loss before we proceed to a hair transplant.

Our answer

Hair loss can be reduced by certain medicine. Although these remedies cannot regrow hairs they can strengthen and thicken the still existing hairs, and thus maintain them.

In most cases of hair loss and baldness the use of medicine alone will not give sufficient results because there are virtually no new hairs grown at the thin and bald locations on the head. In these cases a hair transplant will give the best results. With our hair transplant technique we move genetically strong hairs one by one to the thinning and bald areas on the head, where they remain for life and will grow normally.

Today hair transplants achieve the best and most natural results against baldness and thinning hair.


The first step is always an intake with our hair specialist. During this consultation we explain our techniques, examine the cause of your hair loss and discuss your wishes. In the end the consultation provides an honest advise about the realistically achievable results.

Unique faces, unique treatments

For each hair transplant we take most care for factors such as facial structure, hair colour, genetic background, age, and gender. All of these factors determine how we should structure the treatment in order to achieve the best and most natural results. Because every face and every hairdo is different we need to customize each treatment to the person.

Eye for the future

To us the most optimal and natural results that last as long as possible are a must. The first person would like to see the front of the hairdo filled, while the next prefers to focus on the crown of the head. In all cases we firstly need to examine the possibilities that the donor area (the backside of the head) provides and we need to take into account the prospective hair loss patterns - especially with younger people. We want natural results for the long term.

Every procedure is customized regarding your wishes and the possibilities of the donor area.

Quality over quantity

We prefer to transplant not as many hairs as possible in one session. Compare this with planting flowers in a pot: if you plant too many only half will survive. We therefore do not make promises about massive amounts of hair if the possibility simply is not there - this will only lead to disappointments.

Our experience has shown that the transplantation of 3000 to 4000 hairs are an optimal maximum for most people. We then achieve good, healthy results, but also reserve enough hairs for potential future transplants for future hair loss. In some cases we can also choose for more or less hairs per session - this all depends on the possibilities that the donor area provides us.

By choosing quality over quantity we keep both the donor area and the transplanted hairs healthy. This is therefore the reason that we can guarantee that at least 90% of the transplanted hairs survive the treatment.

The best and most natural results for the long term. That is our motto.

For an intake with our hair specialist we charge € 100,-. During this consultation we will customize the treatment to your needs.


In case you decide to undergo a hair transplant it is important to shave the donor area (the backside of the head) short 10 to 14 days before the treatment. This means that the backside of the head, from ear to ear, should be short. In most cases the rest of the hairdo may be kept at any length. After shaving we need to see the backside of the head for further examination of the skin.


The treatment of thin hair and baldness has seen much progress over the last few years. Whereas before the STRIP method was the only way, nowadays we transplant individual hair follicles. Today both the treatment and the recovery period are practically painless and we achieve more natural results than ever.

Hair by hair

With our technique we move individual hairs, or rather, hair follicles from the strong donor area to the thinning and bald areas on the head. Therefore our technique is also known as the “direct implant” or Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) method. Once the individual hair follicles have been transplanted to the bald area they will start to grow there like normal and remain there for life.

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3000 hairs in 5 hours

An important part of the latest technology is the automatic extraction of the donor hairs. Because of this automatic extraction, the hair follicles are outside the body for only a very small amount of time, which means that they are less likely to become damaged. This significantly improves the chance of survival and growth of the transplanted hairs. Because of this, our specialists can guarantee that at least 90% of the transplanted hairs will survive the procedure.

Our guarantee: 90% of the transplanted hairs will still be growing after the procedure.

Another benefit of the automatic extraction technology is that the procedure is several hours shorter than a full manual transplantation. On average our specialists transplant 3000 hairs in 5 hours. This means a relaxed procedure with minimal recovery.

Relaxed procedure

Both the donor and recipient areas are numbed first with local anesthetic to ensure a practically painless procedure. As such you can spend the duration of the procedure watching a movie, using a tablet or phone, or just sleeping.

John is also very happy with the result.
- John Heitinga

Over 16 years of experience

It is important that the performance on each hair transplant procedure is high to safely ensure the most optimal results. Our specialists have over 16 years of experience with hair transplants and have conducted over 20.000 treatments worldwide. As such they have treated many types of hair loss and baldness.


After the hair transplant you can go home directly. You can however not drive or bicycle yourself. The transplanted hairs need to be kept wet for the first few days with a special spray. Apart from the spray you also need to take some medication during this period. We take care of all the materials you need for your after care. After the first 5 days most of the care is over.


With our technique we move individual hairs to thinning and bald areas, where they are kept for life and will grow normally again.

Natural look

As the hairs are transplanted one by one the treatment itself is next to invisible - apart from a fuller hairdo. The expertise of our specialists plays a crucial role in this process. For example, it is of great importance that the hairs are placed with the proper, natural angle in the skin. This means that the transplanted hairs will have the same angle of growth as the former hairs that used to grow there. We also never want to go against mother nature - the low hairline of one is not suited for the other by definition.

The treatment itself is, apart from a fuller hairdo, next to invisible.

It grows again

The transplanted hairs will grow normally at their new place. This means that they will have to be cut to the desired length in time.

No scarring

Old-fashioned hair transplantation methods (such as the STRIP method) caused large unsightly scars around the donor area. This meant that it was necessary to grow the hair out to a length that would camouflage this scarring.

Thanks to the individual transplantation of hairs, our method does not require any sutures. This means that our method does not cause any scarring.

Results for life

The result of the transplanted hairs is permanent and looks completely natural. Within the first 3 months the transplanted hairs will start to grow. It will take between 10 to 12 months for the full effect of the procedure to become visible.

We are content only when someone asks you: “Is there something different about you? You look good.” The final result of our hair transplant should improve your look without the treatment itself being visible.

Number of transplanted hairs


2000 € 3500,-
2500 € 4000,-
3000 € 4500,-
3500 € 5000,-
4000 € 5400,-

During the intake with our hair specialist you will be given an honest and elaborate advice on the possibilities of a customized hair transplant procedure. For a consultation we charge € 100,-. In case the treatment takes place within 12 months after the consultation € 50,- of these consultation costs will be deducted from the treatment costs.


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