About us

The Medisch Laser Centrum was founded over 25 years ago by Leo van Rozelaar, cosmetic doctor and phlebologist, to offer highly desired and specialised cosmetic treatments.

Our experience

More than 25 years ago the clinic was the first in the Benelux capable of removing tattoos with lasers. Whereas before tattoos had to be removed through surgery, at the time we could offer a very unique solution - to slowly fade away the tattoo’s ink with the help of our lasers. The treatment of varicose veins on the legs - phlebology - was also very popular in the early days.

Throughout the years the clinic has grown to a centre where our clients can find almost everything related to anti-aging. We improve and rejuvenate the skin with our lasers and IPL, we soften wrinkles and volume loss with Botox® and fillers, we treat baldness and thinning hair with the latest form of hair transplants, and we conduct highly specialised plastic surgery.

The family

While the clinic started as a family business, it has since grown to something much more than that. Up to this day however we have always carried the same familiar care for each other as a team and for our clients. To us, the clients in our clinic are much more than just customers who come and go. With each client we build a relationship, which makes the achievement of optimal results a personal must.

Our team exists of a collection of highly experienced and skilled specialists, doctors, and plastic surgeons. All of them gain the most satisfaction out of high quality, safe treatments with personal aftercare and optimal results.

Leo van Rozelaar


Tom decates


Tanja Roetman

Skin treatments

Hay Winters

Plastic Surgery

Hadé Vuyk

Plastic Surgery

Leo van Rozelaar

Doctor Leo van Rozelaar founded the Medisch Laser Centrum in 1992 as cosmetic doctor and phlebologist. Whereas first his focus lay on the treatments of varicose veins on the legs, currently he has over 15 years of experience with injectables such as Botox® and fillers. He is former board member of the NVCG (Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine).

Leo is certified member of the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG)

BIG registration number: 79023586801

Tom Decates

Doctor Tom S. Decates studied medicine at the AMC at the University of Amsterdam. Afterwards he gained experience in plastic surgery during three years in Amsterdam, Leiden, and Eindhoven. From 2011 onwards he specialised in Botox® and fillers. Since 2016 he also conducts scientific research in filler complications at the VUmc in Amsterdam and the ErasmusMC in Rotterdam.

"I became a doctor to help people. With Botox® and fillers I’m capable of making all of my clients even more beautiful in a natural way."

Tom is certified member of the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG)


Tanja Roetman

Tanja Roetman joined the Medisch Laser Centrum in 1998. She is specialised in the improvement and rejuvenation of the skin. She has over 15 years of experience with the removal of tattoos, pigmentation, couperose and unwanted hair growth. Tanja is certified for all treatments with the extensive collection of lasers within our clinic. She is also product specialist for Medik8 and Oxygenetix.

Hay Winters

Dr. Hay Winters specialised in plastic surgery in 1994. Within the field of plastic surgery his focus firstly lay on complex reconstructive treatments of mainly the face (for example after the removal of tumors or after severe accidents). From his passion for reconstructive surgery he gained interest for esthetic surgery, as he realised that the wish of a patient with a severe mutilation is in fact the same as the wish of a cosmetic patient: both desire an appearance they can feel comfortable and happy with. His skills within the reconstructive field of surgery have proven to be of great value for his work in esthetic surgery.

Hay Winters regularly conducts scientific research and publishes papers in international science journals. In 2007 he earned his doctorate for his work on the transplantation of vascularized bone from the pelvis and leg for the healing of severe bone defects (for example in the jaw, spine, arms, and legs). Because of his academic background he is regularly asked for lectures in The Netherlands and abroad. As a lecturer he is involved in the training of plastic surgeons, general surgeons, ENT doctors, jaw surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation specialists. Colleagues from The Netherlands and abroad also regularly invite him as guest surgeon. After he took part in the Dutch TV program “De Grootmeesters (The Grand Masters)” in 2005, on request of the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery, Hay Winters was elected as best reconstructive surgeon in The Netherlands by the professional jury and audience.

Hay Winters is certified member of the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery, the Dutch Association for Esthetic Surgery, the Dutch Association for Hand Surgery, the Dutch Association for Medical Science, the Dutch Working Group for Head and Neck Tumors, and the European Plastic Surgery Workshop.

Apart from his clinical activities Hay Winters is also Vice President at the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery and chairman on the commission of quality at the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery. He has a seat in multiple national committees, among which the Council of Quality and the Order of Medical Specialists.

Hade Vuyk

Dr. Hadé Vuyk finished his medical studies in Leiden in 1981 with the Cum Laude distinction. After his specialisation he was a member of staff for a few years at the academic hospital at the Free University of Amsterdam (ENT department, Head and Neck Surgery). In these years he developed a passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery. This is why in 1986 he also earned his doctorate in this field. After earning his doctorate in 1986 Hadé Vuyk has focused almost solely on plastic and reconstructive surgery.

In his eyes esthetic and reconstructive surgery are complementary. The esthetic skills to for example improve a normal but not perfect nose or face can also be used to determine which techniques and tissues are necessary to reconstruct part of a face mutilated by an accident or cancer. At the same time, the reconstructive techniques can also be used to safely optimise esthetic surgery.

Currently Hadé Vuyk has over 25 years of experience with esthetic and reconstructive surgery. He is internationally renowned for his innovations and his scientifically based surgery. Hadé Vuyk regularly publishes Dutch and English articles in medical journals. A large part of these articles deals with esthetic and reconstructive surgery. In 2012 the European Handbook for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was published, written by dr. Vuyk. During the past 10 years he organised 8 national and international congresses, with the main purpose to improve the quality of plastic and reconstructive surgery in The Netherlands.

For his many years of experience and his contribution to the development of plastic and reconstructive surgery dr. Vuyk was certified by the board of the Dutch Association for ENT Medical Science and Surgery of the Head and Neck area. This certification is a guarantee of quality to answer the complex questions within this field of medical science, such as complicated reconstructions of the nose.

In 2016 the Dutch Association for ENT Medical Science and Surgery of the Head and Neck area rewarded Hadé Vuyk with a medal for his personal commitment, education, and high quality treatments in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Vuyk is a certified member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the European Academy of Facial Surgery, and the Dutch Association for ENT Medical Science and Surgery of the Head and Neck area. Hadé Vuyk is also chairman of the Dutch Esthetic Specialist Guild.

Our treat­ments


With Botox® and fillers we soften wrinkles and give volume back to the face.

Skin treatments

Couperose, rosacea, pigmentation spots, excessive hair growth, scars, tattoos or aged skin - we treat it all with our specialised skin treatments.

Hair Loss

With our advanced hair transplantations we move individual hairs to thinning and bald areas on the head, where they remain for life.

Plastic surgery

Our plastic surgeons offer several specialised treatments, all with local anaesthetics.


Throughout the years we have encountered many skin care products and have selected those few that have proven their effectiveness and worth. Therefore most products we use directly after our treatments are also for sale.

At the moment our webshop only offers the products by Medik8. In our clinic you can also find the healing foundations of Oxygenetix, the solar factor in mineral powder form by Brush On Block, and the solar factor and self-bronzer by Dr. Eckstein.